Capture Prisoners and put them to work or sell them at the market.

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Capture Prisoners and put them to work or sell them at the market.

The hunt for Prisoners takes players on an exciting journey through a vast open world that includes lush wilderness areas and charming small towns. These areas are teeming with Prisoners.

When you stumble upon a Prisoner, you have the option to attack and capture them. Once you’ve successfully subdued a Prisoner, they become your loyal followers. A Prisoner will remain by your side until you decide their fate.

Now, you have two primary choices: You can either take your captive to the bustling Prisoners' Market or deliver them to a LaborMaster’s Farm.

At the Prisoners' Market, you can put your captured Prisoners up for sale, giving you the opportunity to profit from other online players who are on the lookout workers. The market operates on supply and demand, and you can set your own price for your Prisoners.

Alternatively, if you’re more inclined towards a passive income strategy, you can take your Prisoners to a LaborMaster’s Farm. These farms are specially designed to put Prisoners to work. Well discuss Rawdog's Farm in the next chapter.