💵Earn: Rawdog's Farm

Put your Prisoners to work and earn $USDT daily for each working Prisoner.

Tip: Our official website contains a variety of videos showcasing real gameplay which creates a more complete understanding of our game.

Earn: Rawdog's Farm

Put your Prisoners to work and earn 5 $USDT daily for each working Prisoner.

Alternatively, if you’re more inclined towards a passive income strategy, you can take your Prisoners to a LaborMaster’s (Rawdog) Farm. These farms are specially designed to put Prisoners to work, and for each Prisoner working on the farm, you’ll earn a daily passive income. The income generated by your Prisoners is automatically deposited into your ETH wallet of choice on a daily basis, giving you a steady stream of earnings without active involvement. There is no limit to the amount of Prisoners that can work on the farm, meaning your income potential is unlimited and dependent only on the amount of Prisoners you can capture and/or buy on the market.

Alternatively, you're also able to take your Prisoners to the Prisoners' Market and sell them to other eager players. We'll discuss the Prisoners' Market in the next chapter.

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